The Fadeouts

Nick (guitar) and Hanno (bass) were the founding members of The Fadeouts. Both artists began writing music in the 90’s as The Linesmen. In 2009, ex-Faruk Green member Jeff Özdemir joined the duo on drums and they became a power trio, changing their name to The Fadeouts. In the same fashion that punk was born and made in New York with The Ramones rehearsing in a room in Forest Hills, Queens, The Fadeouts also started in the same environment; in a small rehearsal room in Bremerhaven, Germany, they began venturing into sound effects and experimenting with short and long range instrumentals, using them as tools for developing song structure and forming the basis of their current style. Eventually, ex- Buttmaul lead vocalist Marco was called in for his rough, yet melodic vocal range along with bassist Oli who replaced Hanno on bass. Both were to add the band the necessary character and antics as a quartet. The Fadeouts were mostly influenced by the raw sound of Iggy Pop and The Stooges and the heavy, wining drones of Black Sabbath along with the experimental approach of The Minutemen, reminiscent of SST Records and Sub Pop groups – Hüsker Dü and Tad respectively – who fused high end distortion and hard edged riffs with pop/folk melodies and harmonies well under the same musical influences of The Fadeouts. The Fadeouts are also influenced by the improvisations of jazz and by the cynical indifference of punk, creating an original and radiant ambiance when performing live: raw power versus the experimentation and improvisation versus the accessibility of pop – all clearly exposed on their moody Big Deal and Contradictions 7 inch release.

Big Deal, Contradictions 7″ Vinyl, 2012

Marco – vocals,
Nick – guitar,
Oli – bass,
Jeff – drums